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Project Twin Speak Conveyances Project Eight
    Beehive Gravity And Levity  
    Acending / Descending Fire Box
    Eclipse Snare
    Communion Pilot
    Old Science Uses of Metaphor
    Distal and Proximal In Between Worlds

The container (or vessel) in each of these works is emblematic for multiple forms of conveying meaning. They represent different code "words" for experiences such as fullness, emptiness, or conveying between these 2 extremes. The beehive is a conveyance for honey, a social structure, as well as a metaphor for our own sense of community. Likewise, the communion cup is a religious, symbolic, or political emblem. The cooling tower can be a socio-political emblem or the icon of annihilation. What each holds is literal and symbolic for a range of possibilities, interpretation, and judgment.



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