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There are many modernist and contemporary artists whose work and
ideas resonate and enrich the work that I make. Here is a partial list...
Giorgio Morandi
Piet Mondrian
Emma Kunz
Hilma af Klint
John Marin
Jan Dibbets
Peter Doig
Charline Von Heyl
Carrie Moyer
Kim Piotrowski
Jon Gierlich
There are special places of inspiration to my development as an artist.
Here are a few of the smaller (and out of the way ) jewels that I like to visit:
Board & Vellum
Frye Art Museum Seattle, WA.
Tacoma Art Museum Tacoma, Wa.
Hyde Park Art Center Chicago, IL
Phillips Collection Washington, D.C.
Textile Museum Washington, D.C.
Schirn Art Center Frankfurt, Germany
The Museum Quarter Vienna, Austria
Essl Museum Klosterneuburg/Vienna Austria
Palacio Velazquez, Madrid, Spain
There are books and thinkers who significantly shape and change the way we live, act, think, do. Save our lives. Saves my life. Since childhood, reading has significantly shaped my life, creativity, and ideas. Here is a short list of influential authors and readings:
Goethe: ”Theory Of Colours”, books on botany and physiology
Rudolf Steiner: lecture series on art, physiology, and farming. E.g., “Man As Symphony Of The Creative Word”
Diane Ackerman: “The Natural History Of The Senses”
A.S. Byatt: “Possession”
Robertson Davies: anything by this author, e.g., “The Cornish Trilogy”
Milan Kundera: anything by this author, e.g., “Immortality”
Malcomb Gladwell: “Blink”
Eric Maisel: anything by this author, e.g., “Coaching The Artist Within”
Arthur Danto: many works by this philosopher, esp. writings on the work of Mark Tansey
W.T.J. Mitchell: “What Do Pictures Want?”
Michael Pollen: “The Botany Of Desire”
Bomb Magazine
New Yorker Magazine

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