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Over time and decades, I have taken photos of the same subjects over and again... my garden, house, surroundings, travels, art, family, and friends.

As I collected and stored thousands of “extra” C-prints in studio bins, I started taking simple pleasure in playing, juxtaposing, and re-contextualizing these photos into montages. The montages became poetic, humorous, ironic, and satirical commentaries upon society and on human nature. They also suggested a collective moment rather than being a document of a specific time or event.

The album format is familiar to us as repository for holding those family memories that punctuate and give meaning to our lives. The sequencing of these montages are meant to create a non-chronological yet visual progression that has a sense of continuity, unfolding in familiar and unexpected ways. The structure of these albums has also allowed for future re-telling, re-arrangement, and for occasional editing.

This project consists of 2 boxes containing a total of 4 albums. The title, “InterSections”, refers to the multiple crossings and overlays between people and places over time. After making more than one hundred and fifty montages, 4 themes/motifs began to emerge. I call them:

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