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    Epimediun Rubrum Scalloped Edges Lungwort Braided  
    heleborussterniiblooms2 Skimmia Male Flowers Mandala
    Yellow Daffodis - OvalX Honoki Grass -9
    Spring Red Epimdeium Thin Fingered Japanese Maple
    Port Townsend Feet stewarts rock serpentinata
    Senate Building Mirrored U of C Athletics Building
    White Truck Blue Sky White Truck Mirrored Highway
    Jefferson Library 1 Jefferson Library 2

Twin Speak is an on-going series of photo-montages. Working simply with two identical images, they are carefully oriented to create patterns or to reveal and complete hidden shapes. Seeing and making connections are dependent upon the mind's ability to recognize and to complete shapes by adding its opposite in our imagination. What is often unseen or only inferred is what actually gives meaning.



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